Monday, October 21, 2013

Healthier Halloween Candy Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Healthier Halloween Candy giveaway! The randomly selected winner is Meredith M (comment #51)! Congrats and please look out for my email and send me your mailing address ASAP! =D

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Healthier Halloween Candy Giveaway!

Am I the only one who has never been a huge fan of over-the-top sugary candy bars and hard candies for Halloween? As a little kid and even now, the excitement of Halloween was more about getting to pick my costume, to play make believe and truly believe in magic, and to stay out late with my friends for one night of the year! I get quite nostalgic when I come across old Halloween photos -- like one of my mom in a Frankenstein's monster mask trick-or-treating with me in 2nd grade -- or think of the time that my friends made a surprise stop by my house in costume when I was too sick to go trick-or-treating. I cherish the memories of running around with those friends and counting then trading our many "treasures" at the end of the night much more than any of the candy itself. 

Giveaway Pic A
That being said, there would be no "trick-or-treat" without the treats! But now that I'm older and wiser =p, my taste in candy leans more toward healthier options that incorporate fruits, nuts, dark chocolate, etc. Certainly these are still indulgences, but why can't indulgences be a bit nutritious as well? If you're nodding your head in agreement, you're gonna love my Healthier Halloween Candy Giveaway! I've worked with Temptation Candy to develop a more health-conscious candy basket full of organic and natural treats for ONE lucky reader! These would be perfect for handing out to kids on The Big Night, but I also promise not to tell if you decide to keep them all for your own enjoyment ^_^.

Healthier Halloween Candy Giveaway Prize

Organic/All Natural Candy Included:
  • 1x Panda Blueberry Licorice
  • 1x Organic Hard Candies (Cherry)
  • 1x Justin's Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • 1x Justin's Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • 1x Divine White Chocolate w/ Strawberries Chocolate Bar
  • 1x Box of Asher's Sugar Free Milk & Dark Chocolate Assortment
  • 1x RJ's Raspberry Licorice Log
  • 1x Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate Bar w Crunchy Toffee Pieces
  • 1x Justin's All Natural Almond, Milk Chocolate, Caramel & Nougat Bar
  • 10x Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops
  • 20x Das Lolli All Natural Lollipops (Flavors include Ginger & Lemon, Orange & Pomegranate and Salty Caramel)
  • 1x Bloomberg & Co "Smooch" All Natural Milk Chocolate Bar
Additional Candy Included:
  • 2x Chocolove Milk Chocolate Bars
  • 2x Chocolove Raspberries and Dark Chocolate Bars
TO ENTER, do as many of the following as you want and leave a separate comment for each thing you do! Please also make sure to leave an e-mail address for me to contact you if you win. The giveaway is limited to mailing addresses in the continental US and will close on October 20 at midnight; the winner will then be announced shortly thereafter.
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