Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Favorites!

I've been sick as a dog for the last week, but managed to rally enough this weekend to spend some time with my best friend visiting from NYC. Thanks for coming, N! Sorry I couldn't be a better host this time, but I promise to make it up to ya when I'm better =)...

Hope you all had fun weekends as well. And here are some lovely sounds and images to end it on a high note!

Shrimp Fresh Spring Rolls from Shoot to Cook
1 ShoottoCook-Thai Shrimp Summer Rolls
Mushrooms and Soup Photographs by William Meppem
2 William Meppem-Mushrooms Ingred
Cottage Cheese Peach Strudel Bars from Dolce Vita
3 DolceVita-Cottage Cheese Peach Phyllo Strudel, Triangle Bars Stand Chair Idea
Chocolate Cake from Pratos e Travessas
4 PratoseTravessas-Choco Glazed Ring Cake Sliced Books Idea
Chinese Steamed Dumplings Photograph from The Marion House Book
5 MarionHouseBook-Chinese Steamer Dumplings Chopsticks Idea
Chocolate Cake Balls/Truffles Photographs from Cintamani
6 Cintamani-Assorted Choco Truffles Balls Idea
Cinnamon Kringle Coffee Ring from World on a Fork
13 WorldonaFork-Cinnamon Kringle Swirl Coffee Cake Idea FAVE
Fresh Pasta with Greens Photographs from Dietlind Wolf (Stylist)
8 Dietlind Wolf-Fresh Pasta Process Ingred Kale Idea
Owl Cake by The Cake Whisperer
9 CakeWhisperer-Owl Carved Feather Bird Fondant Cake
Red Wine-Poached Cherries on Ice Cream Photograph from Dario Milano
10 Dario Milano-Red Wine Poached Cherries Ice Cream Pan Wire Rack Strainer Propwish
Lettuce Rice Soup Photography from Sheri Giblin
11 Sheri Giblin-Rice Lettuce Broth Soup Idea
Origami Lotus Flower by Fish and Lotus (Etsy Seller)
12 Etsy-Origami Lotus Flower Wafer Paper Cake Inspiration


  1. I totally love your favourites appointments, it is so inspiring :-)
    Greetings from Italy!

  2. Thanks, guys! Glad you're enjoying them.

  3. Some beautiful photography here, definitely inspiring! It's always nice to discover some food blogs you wouldn't stumble across otherwise :)

  4. A swoon worthy roundup. Thx for the awesome shares.


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