Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Favorites

It's been a somber weekend as my YeYe (paternal grandfather) finally passed away after suffering a set of serious strokes 3 years ago. He never got out of the hospital bed since the strokes. I'm fortunate to have been able to spend time with him about 2 years ago when I went back to visit, and I'm glad he's probably had the chance to say goodbye to everyone at this point and vice versa. We will certainly miss him, but I hear that our family back in China is able to focus more on the positive things we want to remember about him at this point. I'm sad not to be able to attend his funeral, but my dad's on his way back now and will bring the best wishes of all of us who can't make it. As I was just telling my friend, I'm doing okay but I've still lost so few people close to me that it definitely hits me still. Just the concept of having someone being gone forever (no offense to anyone who is, but I am not religious) is still so difficult to grasp. I think I'm more sad for my little sisters growing up without our grandparents than for myself. I'm sure we'll keep their spirits alive through stories though =).

On a happier note, I felt like this would be a good time to restart my Favorites posts and focus on some joyfully beautiful things that are in our world. As pretty as my picks are, I don't just post them for looks.  I save the works that inspire me from all sorts of artists to serve as a constant reminder of what's possible to make with our mind and own 2 hands if we just set the mind and heart to it. As you surely have noticed, I've developed quite a passion for cake decoration in the last year, and I need to remember to practice practice practice to hopefully reach the level of these artists I admire one day. As usual, I hope you feast your eyes on these wonderful works!

Stunning Wedding Cake with Glittery Stripes and Peony Flowers by The Cake That Ate Paris
1 CakeThatAteParis-Glitter Striped Fondant Wedding Cake Peony Flower FAVE
Vanilla Tea Photograph from Alicia Buszczak (Stylist)
2 Alicia Buszczak (st)-Vanilla Pods Tea Drink
Baking Ingredients Photograph from Ingwervanille
3 Ingwervanille-Egg Flour Salt Pastry Baking Ingred Idea
AMAZING Nautical Wedding Cake (Photograph by Green Tree Photography; Cake Artist Unknown)
4 Unknown-Double Barrel Rope Gold Anchor Striped Nautical Fondant Wedding Cake Idea
Chicken Rice Noodle Soup from My Cooking Hut
5 MyCookingHut-Chicken Rice Noodle Soup
Baklava Bars from The Pretty Blog
6 PrettyBlog-Baklava Diamond Phyllo Bars Honey Nuts
Pomelo Drink from Sarie Magazine
7 SarieMag-Pomelo Citrus Grapefruit Drink Ladle Propwish Idea
Bruleed Baked French Toast from Bakers Royale
8 BakersRoyale-Bruleed Baked French Toast Iron Pan FAVE Idea
Wedding Dress-Inspired Gold Lace Wedding Cake by Blissfully Sweet Cakes
9 BlissfullySweet-Gold Lace Dress-Inspired Fondant Wedding Cake FAVE
Feather Flower Brooch by Jewel Box Ballerina (Tutorial can be purchased from her Etsy store)
10 JewelBoxBallerina-Feather Flower Bead Center, Gumpaste Cake Inspiration
Chinese New Year Cake by Bloom Cake Co.
11 BloomCake-Overlapping Circle Pattern Tutorial Gold Red Chinese Inset Frame Fondant Cake
Paper Quilling Art by Yulia Brodskaya
12 Yulia Brodskaya-Mixed Media Quilling Painted Girl Cake Inspiration
Strawberry Whole Wheat Tart from Inside the Bag
13 InsidetheBag-Strawberry Whole Wheat Tart Idea
Peacock Wedding Cake by Sugarbelle Cakes
14 SugarBelle-Bird, Peacock Wedding Cake Topper Fondant Gold Laurel Leaves Flower FAVE


  1. May god give u enough strength to face the loss...

  2. Lovely food, links and pictures!



  3. I still miss my grandfather so I know how it feels. You are lucky to have had him in your life for so many years.
    Beautiful pictures. Very inspiring as always!

  4. I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you and your family are alright, and that you take comfort and even happiness in your memories of him.
    I lost my grandmother (who I lived with & grew up) this fall, so I can understand how you feel...she was bedridden and in a lot of pain for the last few years as well. At least their suffering is over.

    Thank you for sharing those lovely images with us.

  5. I´m so sorry for your loss and welcome back, I was missing your Sunday favourites.

  6. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for the beautiful links.

  7. sorry to hear about the loss. it's always hard losing ppl but im sure u'll always have the memories of your grandpa to hold close to your heart.


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