Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Favorites!

It's only Monday and already been a long day leading into a long week, but I thought I'd force myself to take a quick break to share these gorgeous cakes and other food photos that I've been stockpiling. I've just got to power through the rest of this month, then I promise some exciting new treats and recipes will be shared! For starters, I'll be making a much belated birthday cake for 3 amazing years of 6 Bittersweets. My mind's been set on white chocolate cake with raspberry ripple for a while, and I'm gonna have some fun with the decorations. Suggestions are welcome in that area. In the meantime, enjoy these soothing sights for sore eyes and hungry bellies =D.

1 Stylemepretty-Gold RI Leaf Stenciling Dotted Lines Wedding Cake Ribbon Flowers Idea
Savory Sandwich Layer Cake from Mrs A in the Cove
2 MrsAintheCove-Chicken Avocado Sun-dried Tomato Cream Ch Savory Sandw Layer Cake Idea
Mini Black-bottom Cheesecakes with Cherries Photograph from Janne Peters
3 Janne Peters-Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes Black-bottom Choco Cherry Ingred Idea
Gold and Bronze Wedding Cake by Sweet Sensations
5 SweetSensations-Bronze Gold Ribbon Band Gumpaste Flower Fondant Wedding Cake
Plum Galette Photograph from A Little Sussy
6 ALittleSussy-Plum Galette Tart Wood Board
Blue Wedding Cake with Fuschia Flowers by Sweet Disposition
7 SweetDisposition-Blue Fondant Wedding Cake Fuschia Gumpaste Flower Heart Topper Banner Idea
Mango Sorbet from Spoon by The Kitchen Finesse
8 StuderTV-Mango Sorbet, Ice Cream Cone