Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Favorites

Wow! Did you guys SEE that storm? What a crazy weekend, eh? For those of you lucky enough to be outside of the affected region, this article and this slideshow from Washington Post provide both visual and written documentation of recent events. According to the former, "The storm . . . took at least 13 lives across the eastern United States, caused widespread damage, and [left] more than 3 million people without power." We were out of power for about 24 hours (made especially miserable by the record-setting high temperatures) and even lost cell reception for several hours.

After 2010's "Snowpocalypse" and the microbursts of recent summers, we're not unused to our utilities going bust, but we could usually escape the effects previously by driving 5 or 10 miles away. But on Saturday morning we drove over 20 miles away on a major road and still failed to find a single building with power. Even worse, even the busiest intersections had neither working traffic lights nor authorized personnel guiding traffic. We quickly realized that venturing out was a bad idea and were grateful to see power come back that evening.

I know that many hit by the storm are still without power, struggling with fallen debris, or mourning loved ones. My thoughts remain with them, and if you have friends or acquaintances hit hard by the storm, I encourage you to offer your support until they can get everything up and running again.

Stunning Piano Wedding Cake by Legacy Cakes Bakery
1 LegacyCakesBakery-Piano Keys Fondant Wedding Cake Music Idea
High Tea Mini Cakes by Three Little Blackbirds
2 3LittleBlackBirds-High Tea
3 CookieandKate-Summer Squash Tacos with Avocado Chimichurri
Pinwheel Wedding Cake by Couture Cakery
4 CoutureCakery-Pinwheel Gumpaste Roll 2 Colors Out Sep, 2gthr Ruffle Fondant Wedding Cake
Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting from Hungry Girl Por Vida
5 HungryGirlPorVida-Vanilla Cupcakes Choco Frosting Sprinkles Bday Candle
Cherries for Cherry Tart from La Tartine Gourmande
6 La Tartine Gourmande-Rainier Cherries Ingred Outside Enamel Spoons Propwish
9 Paulina Kolondra-Strawberry Muffins Almond Streusel Crumble Scissors Cookie Tin Propwish
Kouglof Cake from Manger
1 Mimi Thorisson-Kouglof Mini Bundt Cake Powd Sugar Plums Cherries
Cherries for Pie from Not Without Salt
7 NotWithoutSalt-Cherries Ingred Dark
Dark Chocolate Photograph from Sated Magazine
10 SatedMag-Choco Chips Glass Mixing Bowl Ingred Process
Chinese Tea Eggs from Hungry Ghost
11 HungryGhost-Marbled Tea Soy Hard-Boiled Eggs Chinese
Japanese Koi Fish Wedding Cake by Elizabeth Hodes
12 Elizabeth Hodes-Japanese Koi Fish Lotus Flowers Gold Choco Fondant Wedding Cake Idea


  1. Wonderful links!

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  2. The Koi wedding cake is simply stunning. Gorgeous.

  3. Wonderful round up as always. Thank you!

  4. Stunning Piano Wedding Cake is amazing!
    simple and beautiful
    Other photos also do not allow to remain indifferent - dripping watering :-)


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