Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Favorites and Some Thoughts on Life and Loss

This has been a week of shocking news. I've learned of the unexpected deaths of 2 spirited young ladies I knew, K and E. One was a high school friend I'd fallen out of touch with, the other, the wife of a friend. Though I did not know either of them closely at the time of their passing, I'm still heartbroken at the loss of such young, bright individuals. Being in my mid-20s only, I suppose the very reality of death, its unflinching finality and often invisible approach, still comes as a shock to me. It absolutely boggles my mind that I'll never again see E's face light up in laughter as it so frequently did. Completely by coincidence, on the same day I learned of E's death I discovered the most beautiful dance video I'd ever seen (above). These performers speak volumes with just their bodies -- a moving story about the loss of a loved one. As I watched it I couldn't help but think of E's husband of only a few years and what he must be feeling right now.

Though I was merely on the fringes of K and E's lives, I feel the space they've left and am keeping their loved ones in my thoughts. And as trite as it may sound, these tragedies have reminded me of how precious and fragile all our lives are. Especially while we're young, we tend to put off doing important things until "tomorrow" as if the next moment or day or year is guaranteed when it's really not. Of course I don't think we should spend our lives in fear of what bad things may befall us. I simply want to remind my readers and myself to not take things for granted and appreciate the beauty around and inside each person; to be kind to loved ones and tell them how you really feel; and to generally live life to the fullest while we're here on this earth.

Sesame Pea Shoot Salad from Westervin
1 Debbie Carlos-Sesame Pea Shoots Ingred Peas Salad Background Propwish
Mini Jelly Domes Photograph from Kim Morphew (Food Stylist)
2 PaintingwithFood-Mini Jelly Dome Cakes Glass Stand Idea Doily
3 Gareth Morgans-Poached Pears Ice Cream Parfait Semifreddo, Loaf Cake Sliced Chair
Sweet Potato Pie from The Food Dept.
4 TheFoodDept-Kumera, Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie Leaf Cutout Crust Fall Idea
Tomato Olive Pasta and Tortellini Soup Photographs from Maja Smend (Photographer)
5 Maja Smend-Olive Tomato Sauce Spaghetti Pasta Tortellini Wonton Broth Soup Propwish
Lemon Cream Tart from Matkonation
6 Matkonation-Lemon Cream Tart Sliced Metal Stand
Pickled Baby Radish from The Food Dept.
7 TheFoodDept-Pickled Baby Radishes, Root Vege Ingred
Shrimp Cashew Nut Bean Sprout Stirfry Photograph from Martin Poole (Photographer)
8 Martin Poole-Shrimp Cashew Bean Sprout Stirfry Wok, Rice Noodles Stone Background
9 HelenaLjunggren-Choco Coffee Cappucino Mocha Ice Cream Cones Scoop Propwish
10 Hipsterfood-Cherry Tomato Crumbled Tofu Salad
Scallops with Dill Oil from Sweet Paul Magazine
11 SweetPaulMag-Scallops Dill Oil Outside


  1. Great collection, thanks for sharing

  2. The older I get, the more death becomes part of my life and I become aware of my own mortality... As sad as it sounds, c'est la vie! ;-P

    Lovely pictures!



  3. You always choose such beautiful images to share! And ... wise words for one so young. I'm sorry you've had such sad losses this past week.

  4. It is sad when someone dies young, and yes life is precious, we forget it all too often. We should live each day to the fullest.

    Lovely selection, thanks!

  5. Thanks for getting so personal. It's hard to do sometimes. I'm sorry for your losses. It's good that you recognize how short life is because you're most likely to live without regret, or at least less regret. less of "I wish i had". I try to share with my parents and friends more than I normally would have a few yrs ago.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I wasn't sure if I should since most people come to this blog for the food, but it is my personal site and I want to share different aspects of myself and my life here. I actually just found out that E had told a relative just before her accident that she was the happiest woman in the world. It makes her tragedy even more heart-breaking, but at the same time, I'm glad she loved this world while she was in it.

  6. I'm sorry for your losses. It does hit us hard especially when they passed away at such a young age. When we are busy with our own life, we tend to forget the most important things and put them on the side. You made me think about that, and thank you for reminding us.

  7. I'm sorry about your losses! It is a reminder to live life to the fullest and not to think we're invincible.

  8. Love your gorgeous collection. I totally agree with you that we must not take things for granted. We just lost a close relative lately. Live life to the fullest. Thanks for reminding us.

  9. Ah, Xiaolu...I'm so sorry to hear that. We certainly can't take anything for granted. Always live life to the fullest. Never ever wasting time on regrets or how things could have/might have been. I'm sorry for your losses, but thankful for your reminder to all of us to take nothing for granted.


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