Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Favorites!

I'm quite eager to share with you today, one of my favorite digital artists of the moment, Alice X. Zhang! She paints portraits of popular characters in modern fiction for the most part, such as Doctor Who and Lisbeth Salander (both above). I don't think the fact that the characters already exist take any power away from her work since, as you can see for yourself, every piece is stamped with her signature vibrant colors and is infused with emotion as only a true artist is able to do.

I highly recommending checking out her full gallery on the DeviantArt website, where you can buy prints and even inquire about commissioning artwork if you should so desire. Hope you enjoy Alice's work and the food photography below it as much as I have!

Wedding Cake by Jim Smeal
2 JimSmeal-Cutout Stencil Fondant Decorated Wedding Cake Tribal Idea
Chinese Tea Eggs from Our Kitchen
1 OurKitchen-Chinese Marbled Tea Soy Hard-boiled Eggs Ingred Shell
3 Melangery-Sweet Potato Slices Ingred
4 JustOneCookbook-Mitarashi-Dango
Strawberry Wedding Cake by Hey There, Cupcake!
5 HeyThereCupcake-Strawberry Gumpaste Fondant Wedding Cake Photo Edible Paper Idea Spring
6 MarieMelchior-Baked Bream, Dorade Fish Fennel Zucchini Roast Potato
8 Aida Mollenkamp-Spring Green Pasta Saffron Cream Sauce
Passionfruit Mini Tarts from Good Taste Magazine
9 TasteAu-Mini Passionfruit Cream Tarts Knitting Yarn
Pearl Wedding Cake Pops and Cupcakes by 24 Carrots via Green Wedding Shoes
7 Greenweddingshoes-Painted Pearl Cake Lollipops Balls Cupcake Toppers Idea
Oat Pancakes with Pear Topping from Feed Me Now
10 FeedMeNowBook-Oat Pancakes Pear Topping Wood Tray Propwish Window
Wedding Cake with Hand-painted Fish Decoration by Sweet Cheeks Baking Company
11 Pinterest-Hand-painted Fondant Fish Whimsical Wedding Cake Idea


  1. Lovely art and photography!



  2. Thank you for featuring my Mitarashi Dango, Xiaolu! :-)

  3. That fish painting on the cake is breath taking!

  4. All of them are wonderful...I can't stop observing them...Bravo!!!

    New member

  5. Hand painted fish on that cake .. so amazing! I like the first photo too.. lovely sketch!

  6. Wow, the fish is stunning! I'd like it to be a giant drawing of my cat, though.... :D

  7. cool Mitarashi Dango (and cool name) and cool sweet potato pic! Xiaolu, if you haven't seen it yet, please look out for a book called Ripe by Cheryl Sternman Rule. Just released. beautiful pics. worth browsing thru if you are interested. she also writes the blog 5 second rule

  8. I love the pearls on the cupcakes and the cake pops, they're so simple but really effective, next time one of my friends has a birthday I think I will have to try those :)


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