Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Urban Chic Boutique Shoshanna Trunk Show

Ruffled Cupcakes for Urban Chic Shoshanna Event
I love baking a variety of treats, but some orders are particularly fun! I was delighted when Katie of Petite Social approached about supplying desserts for a local boutique's Shoshanna Trunk Show. The styling for this event was inspired by a lovely dress from the collection (see above left), which had lots of vibrant colors in a fun zigzag pattern! I created cupcakes with chevron ruffled frosting to echo the dress pattern and was pleased with how it turned out! Please check out more wonderful photos of Katie's stylish dessert table on the MoxieSox Photography website and let me know what you think!


  1. Love the chevron frosting! Chic and delicious, I am sure!

  2. Nice chevron frosting and lovely cupcakes!



  3. You know what I think! I think, you should join the cupcake war in FN. I mean it .. and I am sure you will win :)

  4. That frosting is so awesome. I would love to bite into one of those cupcakes!

  5. I looooooooove this whole table! The colours are gorgeous. I would just love to do a whole dessert table like this one time. You're awesome Xiaolu!!

  6. You're so creative, Xiaolu! I love the chevron icing - very fitting.


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