Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Favorites

Don't you just love when you learn that 2 things you loved separately are actually connected? Somehow in that instant, they can both grow in beauty and significance due solely to that link. In case you're wondering at this point, this has nothing to do with the video above of the cat barking. That video is just pure awesomeness on its own and can't possibly be improved upon =p. Please watch it and note -- what I consider to be the best part -- that the cat switches back when it realizes it has an audience...but NOT right away. The Gradual Transition from barking to meowing is what makes this video kill me with laughter every time I view it. Hope you feel the same!

But as I was saying, making a connection between 2 things has an amazing potential to transform the way you view both. For example, I recently discovered that the incredibly catchy song, "The Veldt" by deadmau5 (above), was actually inspired by a story with the same name from Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors. You can listen to an excellent reading of this futuristic short story performed by Comedy Central star, Stephen Colbert (I've embedded Part 1 out of 3 above). The song sounds relaxed and upbeat at first, but its sweet lyrics about the "world that the children made" belies a dark meaning which requires knowledge of Bradbury's story to be fully appreciated. I found this unexpected intersection of seemingly trivial electronic music and 1950s dystopian fiction to be fascinating; but if you'd rather skip this cautionary tale, feel free to jump straight to the lovely food photography instead.

Pear and Pecan Tarte Tatin from The Pretty Blog
1 PrettyBlog-Pear Pecan Nut Tarte Tatin in Copper Pan Idea
2 Matt Armendariz-Chili-Rubbed Spiced Salmon Cilantro Avocado Salsa
Pate Photograph from Bonnie Savage
3 Bonnie Savage-Pate Dip Spread Bread Toast
Ruffled and Pleated Wedding Cake by Charm City Cakes
4 CharmCityCakes-Ruffled Fan Gumpaste Flowers Gold Glitter Pleated Fondant Wedding Cake Idea

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sherlockian Cupcakes Part 2: Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes!

Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes
I hope these photos do a proper job of teasing you with all the delectable components of this cupcake =D. But believe it or not, this tastes even better than it sounds or looks. First there's my favorite dark chocolate cake to get things off on the right foot. Next comes some fluffy marshmallow filling with a delightful hint of smokiness from real, toasted marshmallows (I can't be the only one dreaming of campfire s'mores already, right?). Last but not least we have a perfect swirl of rich yet tangy chocolate frosting topped with more toasted mini marshmallows.

More Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes
Speaking of looks, you're gonna give me some weird ones when I explain why these cupcakes are "Sherlockian." See, there's an inside joke amongst the cast and writers of the BBC Sherlock TV series that Martin Freeman (AKA John Watson in the show) has a round face that's chiseled out of marshmallows. Now I was gonna carve Martin's face out of a huge marshmallow in tribute to Sherlock, but alas I couldn't find one large enough so these toasted marshmallow cakes had to do =p. Next time, folks, next time. 

P.S. - If you haven't watched Sherlock yet, what are you waiting for?! Those in the US can now watch you Season 1 on Netflix Instant and Season 2 on the Masterpiece PBS website for a limited time only.

Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes 2

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Favorites

Wow, my friend sent me "Prejudice", a funny song about redheads by Australian comedian Tim Minchin, earlier this week, and I have since tumbled headfirst in love with this guy! He's got a razor-sharp wit, raises serious social issues in a deceptively humorous (and admittedly often foul-mouthed) manner, and has got some serious piano and singing skills. His wordplay is just incredible, too, so if you're fairly open-minded and NOT easily offended, I highly recommend you look up some of his work. Above I've included a rare serious song by Tim. Perhaps it's a bit out-of-place considering that Christmas is over 7 months away, but to me this sweet message to his daughter is timeless and worth a listen at any part of the year. Hope you enjoy this and my other weekly favorites, and feel free to share some of favorite discoveries of your own in the comments below =D.

1 AtDownUnder-Buckwheat Savory Crepes Blue Ch Cream Sauce Walnuts Idea
Herbs and Fritters Photographs from Dietlind Wolf
2 Dietlind Wolf-Herbs Ingred Falafel Fritters
3 StuderTV-Cherry Ice Cream
Mushrooms and Soup Photographs from Heather Shaw
4 Heather Shaw-Mushroom Soup
Rhubarb and Almond Panna Cotta from Cook Your Dream
5 SarkaB-Rhubarb Almond Panna Cotta Stone Background Propwish

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Favorites!

I'm quite eager to share with you today, one of my favorite digital artists of the moment, Alice X. Zhang! She paints portraits of popular characters in modern fiction for the most part, such as Doctor Who and Lisbeth Salander (both above). I don't think the fact that the characters already exist take any power away from her work since, as you can see for yourself, every piece is stamped with her signature vibrant colors and is infused with emotion as only a true artist is able to do.

I highly recommending checking out her full gallery on the DeviantArt website, where you can buy prints and even inquire about commissioning artwork if you should so desire. Hope you enjoy Alice's work and the food photography below it as much as I have!

Wedding Cake by Jim Smeal
2 JimSmeal-Cutout Stencil Fondant Decorated Wedding Cake Tribal Idea
Chinese Tea Eggs from Our Kitchen
1 OurKitchen-Chinese Marbled Tea Soy Hard-boiled Eggs Ingred Shell
3 Melangery-Sweet Potato Slices Ingred
4 JustOneCookbook-Mitarashi-Dango

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sherlockian Cupcakes Part 1: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Tart Pomegranate Filling

As my regular readers know from my music, film, and TV-related posts, food is just one of my many passions. Sometimes I like to do more than mention those other interests in favorites posts. Sometimes I'm inspired to create themed treats by those other art forms. Previously, I was inspired by the David Usher song, "Black Black Heart" to create my Black Black Forest Heart Cupcakes. Today, it's the brilliant re-imagined, modern-day BBC Sherlock Holmes television series (a new favorite, but already in my top 3 shows of all time) that guides my artist's whisk.

I Believe in Sherlock Cupcakes!
Whether you're a devotee of the Arthur Conan Doyle originals or not, "Sherlock" is bound to captivate your imagination and thirst for adventure. The protagonists remain Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, of course, but they are younger, more energetic, and more delightfully irreverent than you've ever seen them. In honor of this sharp-as-a-whip update, I've decided to reinvent on my classic red velvet cupcake with a tart pomegranate filling (inspired by my friend A's wedding dessert). In case it's not obvious enough, yes I am trying to kill 2 birds with with 1 post: introduce you to a new favorite TV show AND new favorite cupcake flavor. But if either one tickles your fancy, I'll still consider it a success =D.

For my readers in the U.S., if "Sherlock" sounds like something you'd like, you can watch Season 1 on Netflix Instant and Season 2 is currently airing on Masterpiece PBS (Sundays at 9 pm EST...the next new episode in 1 hour!).

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sweet Treat Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my sweet treat giveaway! The randomly selected winner is Marnely of Cooking with Books (comment #17)! Congrats and please look out for my email about the details of your prize =D!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Favorites!

It's really been a week for admiring a variety of art forms for me. In this week's round-up we've got music, a food video, paper quilling, and lots and lots of appetizing food (of course!). Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

P.S. - We got up early (by Saturday morning standards) at 8 this morning to see the new Avengers movie and even then it was packed. But it was masterfully done and just non-stop entertainment...well worth the pain of parting with my down comforter a bit earlier than usual 8p.

Peach S'mores Video from Claire Thomas
1 Yulia Brodskaya Paper Quilling
Chocolate Tart and Mousse Cups Photographs from Martin Poole
2 Martin Poole-Choco Tart Sliced, Coffee Mousse Pudding Custard Cups, Drinks
3.1 La Tartine Gourmande-Ramps Ferns Cauliflower Spring Greens Ingred Idea
3.2 LemonsandLavender-Escarole Sausage White Bean Broth Soup Pot Idea
Plum Streusel Photographs from Alex Farnum
4 Alex Farnum-Plum Streusel Crumble Almond Ingred Idea

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Urban Chic Boutique Shoshanna Trunk Show

Ruffled Cupcakes for Urban Chic Shoshanna Event
I love baking a variety of treats, but some orders are particularly fun! I was delighted when Katie of Petite Social approached about supplying desserts for a local boutique's Shoshanna Trunk Show. The styling for this event was inspired by a lovely dress from the collection (see above left), which had lots of vibrant colors in a fun zigzag pattern! I created cupcakes with chevron ruffled frosting to echo the dress pattern and was pleased with how it turned out! Please check out more wonderful photos of Katie's stylish dessert table on the MoxieSox Photography website and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recipe Shout-Out 5 and Sweet Treat Giveaway!

As those of you who are also students must know, finals time is upon us! I have literally just spent the past 3 days straight looking at all variety of fetal pig dissection photos to prepare for my test today, and I cannot express to you the full extent of my relief to (hopefully) never ever have to look at another one of those images again!

Cookies Collage for Giveaway
So that was perhaps not the most appetizing intro... But I actually brought up finals because to me there's nothing quite like a really satisfying indulgence to celebrate another year of hard work (academic or not) and the arrival of my favorite season for play, Summer! For those who agree with me, I hereby present you with my 5th Recipe Shout-Out (to recognize everyone who's been inspired to cook and bake from my posts) and another baked goods giveaway!

I'm giving away a batch of ANY COOKIES, BROWNIES, or OTHER BARS featured on this blog (must be stable enough to ship). I regret to say that this giveaway is limited to addresses in the continental US since baked goods are quite perishable. To enter, do as many of the following as you want and leave a separate comment for each thing you do! Please also make sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win. The giveaway will close on May 10 at midnight, and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

  • Leave a comment telling me which cookies you'd like if you were to win.
  • Like 6 Bittersweets on Facebook, then leave a comment telling me you did or already do.
  • Subscribe to this blog, then leave a comment telling me you did or already do.
  • Follow 6 Bittersweets on Twitter, then leave a comment telling me you did or already do including your Twitter name.
  • Tweet about this giveaway, tagging me @6bittersweets, then leave a comment telling me including a link to the post.
Lastly, if you (1) posted about a 6 Bittersweets-inspired recipe and I missed it; (2) made a recipe and took a photo, but don't have a blog; or (3) post about a recipe of mine in the future, please email me your name, photo, and blog post URL (if applicable) and I'll be sure to include it in my next round-up. Now let's see what you've been inspired to whip up!