Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Food N' Music Favorites!

I can hardly believe it, but finals start in just a few days! I'm posting weekly favorites a bit early this week because I really really needed a break from looking at fetal pig dissection photos for my anatomy lab final next week! I'm sure you can understand why I find good music and food photos a *tad* more appealing, eh? Hope you enjoy these and are having more fun this weekend than I am =p!

Roasted Pumpkin Photograph from Kirk van Rooi (I couldn't find the source link again - sorry!)
1 Kirk van Rooi-Roasted Pumpkin Winter Squash Red Chair Idea
2 OhSweetMumMag-Fondant Gumpaste Scroll Flower Ruffle Ribbon Wedding Party Cake Idea
3 WholeLiving-Kale Dip Spread Snap Peas Vege Enamel Stone Background Idea
Ice Cream Photograph from Kate Whitaker
4 Kate Whitaker-Mango, Passionfruit Lemon Curd Ice Cream Scoop Idea
5 Spoonforkbacon-Shallot Leek Pancetta Savory Galette Tart Sliced
6 Caketress-Purple Peony Cupcake Toppers Gumpaste Idea Stand
Raspberries Photograph from Herriott Grace
7 46thatgrace-Raspberries Ingred Outside Wood Plate
Mid-Century Modern Art Wedding Cake by Hey There, Cupcake! via Green Wedding Shoes
8 HeyThereCupcake-Modern Gold Quilled Gumpaste Flowers Fondant Wedding Cake Idea
Mini French Macaron Stack by Christophe Roussel
9 Christophe Roussel-Macaron Choux Mini Tower Cake Idea
Lemons Photograph from CBFarrell2003
10 CBFarrell2003-Lemon Peel Ingred Process
11 Saveur-Creamed Onion Gratin Casserole Handheld


  1. Gorgeous links and nice sounds!

    All the best with the finals.



  2. I love the Gratin, perfect pic. I wish I can shoot like that.

  3. Great selection :). Ice cream photo looks perfect!

  4. thanks for sharing, love the links you post

  5. Glad y'all are enjoying them =D!

  6. Such fun. Those peonies are breathtaking!


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