Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Favorites and New Temper Trap Single!

You may've noticed with all my recent music posts that I get pretty excited over great songs. In fact, that crazy person you see sometimes on the bus with their eyes closed and swaying and singing (silently!) along to their iPod...yea I'm one of those XD. I'd like to think of myself as having pretty distinguishing taste (ha!) so it's not often that I immediately fall head over heels for a song. I'm not joking, either, I just listened to this new single from The Temper Trap's coming album no less than TEN times in a row. For your own sanity, I hope you love it but not quite as much as me. If you enjoy this, I recommend checking out their first album, Conditions, as well as keeping tabs on their website for news about their upcoming self-titled album! Oh and before I start replaying "Rabbit Hole" again and are some food photographs I enjoyed in the last week! =)
1 PAB-Blood Oranges on Tree, Macarons Ingred
2 MarieClaireAu via Dustjacketattic-Choco Espresso Coffee Syllabubs Flakes Bar Idea
Table Setting with Pears, Persimmons, and Kohlrabi Photographs from Wayfare Magazine
3 WayfareMag-Pears Persimmons Dining Table
Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes from Crumbs and Cookies
4 CrumbsandCookies-Choco Cherry Black Forest Cupcakes Teacups Idea
5 JourneyKitchen-Winter Squash Pumpkins Sweet Potato, Outside Ingred
6 Jessicakes-Poppy Flower Watering Pot Can Cake Idea Shortening Shiny Fondant
Maple Apple Upside-down Cake from Chantelle Grady
7 Chantelle Grady-Maple Apple Upside-down Cake Idea
8 Erinnish-Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Drink Enamel Cups Propwish
Easy M&M Candies Decorated as Blue Birdies for Easter from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle
9 SweetAdventuresofSugarBelle-Decorated MandM Candy Easter Birds Idea
Kinpira Photograph from Three to One
10 ThreetoOne-Kinpiria, Asian Noodle Slaw Salad Window Idea
Assorted Sandwiches, Roasted Apricot Mini Cakes, and Potato Chips from Gourmet Traveller
11 GourmetTraveller-Roasted Apricot Almond Quinoa Mini Cakes, Muffins Idea
Painted Wedding Cake by Cloudberry Bakery
12 CloudberryBakery-Food Coloring Watercolor Painted Fondant Wedding Cake Idea


  1. Aweeeeeeeesome. Everything is gorgeous !!!

  2. What amazing clicks and links! I love that post.



  3. Gorgeous....everyone is SO talented in this round-up!! Great song, too!

  4. OH MY GOD a new temper trap single...

    ...btw, I get the same way about music, obsessing, listening to songs on repeat...dancing along while on the subway...

    the song is SO GOOD. whew.

  5. Yay! Glad to hear of a fellow obsessive music fan ;p. Yea I have to move some part of my body to good music, even if it's just my mouth silently or my big toe. It blows my mind when I'm at an amazing concert and 80% of the people there are standing still.

    1. Hah - I started reading your comment, saw "move some part of my body," started moving my toes, then finished the comment and realized what I was doing. :D Woop toe-movers!

    2. OH! also... did you hear the other single? "Need Your Love"
      Really good too....

    3. Ooo no not yet, I'll check it out thanks!

  6. Such beautiful pictures!! I find posts like this (& all of pinterest, really) SO inspiring :) Love The Temper Trap!
    Heidi xo

  7. Thanks for the shout out X, all the links are wonderful!

  8. Thank you for my once a week inspiration. =) Everyone is just simply amazing!!

  9. All the links are gorgeous and I loved the little birdies... !

  10. What an amazingly inspirational post Xiaolu. I love the colours and hues you pick. Just gorgeous. Gracias for including my 'orange' here. You are too kind lady!

  11. Wonderful clicks, beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing :)!

  12. Beautiful song and lovely photos! Simply adore the cupcakes in teacups - thanks!

  13. Gorgeous links! Love every click :)

    HUGS <3

  14. i want to reach into the screen and grab a chocolate espresso and a cupcake! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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