Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Favorites!

Thanks for the lovely words in response to my previous post =D! I've a busy day ahead, but it's off to a great start with the realization that 6 Bittersweets has now surpassed 1 million page views and has almost 2/3 of a million visits! It's quite small in comparison to what you've given me, but I've moved up posting my weekly favorites in hopes that these photos will get your day off to a lovely start as well!

P.S. - The 2012 Bloggies are open for nominations until Jan. 15. Don't forget to VOTE for your favorites in the many available categories!

1 Fayeflickr-Sable Breton Sandw Cookies Lemon Verbena Mousseline Filling
Poppyseed Bars Photograph Styled by Dietlind Wolf
2 Dietlind Wolf (St)-Poppyseed Layer Bars Ingred Idea
Silver Wedding Cake by Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes
3 YummyCupcakesCake-Silver Metalic Gumpaste Flower Wedding Cake Idea
4 Timrobisonjr-Drinks Ice Bucket Cherries Cocktail
Photographs of Gnocchi and Chicken Wings Styled by Simon Bajada
5 Simon Bajada-Peas Gnocchi Shaped Pasta, Paneer Curry Pewter Chicken Wings
6 SteveH-Macarons Tea
Macaron Cake by Mio Cupcakes
7 MioCupcakes-Monogram Letter Macarons Wedding Cake Idea
8 Pickyin-Choco Raspberry Pistachio Mini Tarts
Photographs of Meat Stew and Salad Styled by Bianca Nice
9 Bianca Nice (St)-Winter Meat Stew Soup Pot Pewter
10 Cakebot-Fondant Measuring Spoon Pearl Cake Decoration Idea
Photographs of Rustic Pear Tarts Styled by Simon Bajada
11 Simon Bajada-Pear Mini Tart Pastry Wire Rack Idea


  1. Nice picks, Xiaolu.
    Sometimes when I go through your favorites, I wish to see your comment/caption or something on the photos to know what you liked most about it.
    I want to know what appeals most to you and your perspective, you know what I mean... :)

  2. Another gorgeous collection Xiaolu!!! I think the first image of the Sable Bretons is my favourite though. Yum!

  3. 2 million page views here you come! The sky's the limit with your talent Xiaolu. You know I think you rock! :)
    Gorgeous round-up too.

  4. Those sable bretons look and sound amazing. What a gorgeous purple backdrop too - a bold choice that paid off nicely:)

    Congratulations on all the success that has come your way - it's well-deserved, for sure.

  5. These are all so awesome! Where do you find these? LOL.


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