Saturday, January 7, 2012

Most Beautiful (but Heart-breaking) Song I've Heard in a Long Time

Sorry for the lack of "real" posts. I actually postponed GREs for a few weeks because I didn't feel quite ready. I'll be back to regular schedule in another week or so. In the meantime, please please listen to this song. It will tug on your heart <3, XL


  1. Oh, I've only listened to about half but its beautiful.
    I understand how you must feel about the GRE' is so nerve-wracking! I wish we could learn without the exams, wouldn't that be fabulous?

  2. Stunningly beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh! My daughter shared her link last week on my FB page and her post said ... ' an artist to watch in 2012' ... this particular song is, indeed, heart-breaking in its sadness and fatality ... to me, she reminds me of the angst of early Alanis Morissette but with a way diff musical edge ...

  4. Good luck with the GRE's! I'm at work so can't listen to the song. :(


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