Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Favorites and Baby Shower Cupcakes!

Phew! I can finally say that the GREs are fully behind me. I took them last Wednesday, and *knock on wood* but I feel fairly good about how I did. Of course now the hardest part lies ahead: writing my application essay! If any of you have tips for me, I'm all ears!

Baby Shower Cupcakes with Marzipan Footprints
I've still been able to find some time to bake, even if it was for an order. Last week a good friend from high school called to share the news that his sister-in-law was pregnant with a little boy! What's more, he asked me to make an assortment of cupcakes for the shower. Inspired by a photo I'd seen online, I even made little baby footprints out of marzipan as toppers. You can see the results above. Congrats, Pyi and Julia! I can already tell that you 2 will make wonderful parents!

P.S. - If anyone in the DC/Northern Virginia area is interested in ordering desserts for a baby shower or any other party, please check out my offerings and/or contact me via email.

Photograph of Eggs from Food and Story
1 Asri-Eggs Shells Baking Ingred
2 Anhsfoodblog-Simmered Soybeans Ginger Soy Sauce Japan Side Idea
3 Matt Armendariz-Lemon Meringue Cake Toasted
Photograph of Cranberry Scones from The Jewels of New York
4 JewelsofNY-Cranberry Muffins Wood Board
Roasted Pears from Katskyful
5 Katskyful-Roasted Pears with Creambled Cream Biscuits
Wedding Cake by Miso Bakes
6 MisoBakes-Gumpaste White Flower Wedding Cake Idea
9 Appledrane-Lemon Walnut Goat Ch Puff Pastry Rectang Tart Knife
Blue Cheese Tartine with Bacon and Honey from Harvest to Heat
10 HarvesttoHeatBook-Blue Cheese Tartine Toast Bacon Honey
Photograph of Dessert Table also from The Jewels of New York
13 Alice Gao-Dessert Tabletop Macarons Peach Tart Scones
Photograph of Grilled Burger from Manja Wachsmuth
14 Manja Wachsmuth-Grilled Burger Ketchup Outside Chair
15 BakersRoyale-Mudslide Choco Pudding Shots


  1. wow! those baby shower cuppies are so cute! Love those flags in the background too! Do share the printable if you can :)
    My favourite are the soybeans becuase it's so hard to make beans look pretty! oh and the chocolate pudding cups are just mesmerizing!

    1. Thanks! I would but I bought the design on Etsy. Here's the link if you're interested:

  2. So beautiful! You do find the best. All of them are keepers. Loved Anh's bean photograph.

  3. I love the footprints on the cupcakes! They're so cute! Great roundup of photos again, Xiaolu. The wedding cake is simply amazing! Enjoy the rest of your week! Congratulations on taking the GREs - all the best!!

  4. Oh my gosh, those little feet! One of my friends actually just had a baby and I think those would be PERFECT to bring to her! WOOT WOOT for the GREs being over! You must be ecstatic!

  5. Cute cupcakes! And love the gorgeous pictures you round up!

  6. Gorgeous clicks and links!



  7. Gorgeous clicks!! Look at how cute those footprints are on the cupcakes :D

  8. Wow, I think those cupcakes look so amazing. What a great idea!

  9. Finally, baby feet we can eat! B/c they are so cute, ya know? LOVE!

  10. hi dear...thanks for including me on your post. I really love the cute baby feet and of course your swirl as always!. HAve a great day Xiaolu.

  11. Aw, baby feet looks so pretty Xialo! Such a cute idea.

  12. Everything looks so beautiful wedding cake stole my heart and baby feet, aww! Congratulation on completing GREs and application essay, it is bit demanding, i would suggest to show your strong point (selling point ;)) how beneficial you will be to them, a way they can't say no! ..... and some bit of research will help good luck girl!

  13. Way to get those GREs done with! I took them a long time ago. Nice to be done with them, right? BTW, your cupcakes are so cute with those feet!

  14. oh my, just look at those cute cupcakes. Love the fondant feet. adorable!

  15. Good luck with the essays. I did mine just last year for the UK, not fun! Those cupcakes look adorable btw!

  16. awww those baby feet are frickin' adorable! The egg shot is divine!

  17. Yaey congrats on writing your GREs. Must feel good. :) Super cute cupcakes!


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