Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Favorites (It's Starting to Feel A Bit Like Christmas...)

It's almost Christmas! Can you believe it? Although I'm not religious, like many, I've still grown up exchanging gifts with and celebrating together with family and friends 'round this time of year. I'll be especially grateful this year when (or IF =p) I survive til Christmas day past finals and GREs! The decorations, holiday ads, and even watching an interview with my favorite Scottish actor have gotten me thinking about Santa. The actor gave me quite a chuckle when he admitted he'd always thought Santa threw presents down the chimney until recently. As for myself, I've never gone through believing in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or anything like that. I'm kinda glad I avoided the let-down of learning they weren't real, but I have to admit a part of me is curious what it's like to be experience the childlike wonder of discovering "Santa's" gifts on Christmas morning. Perhaps I'm romanticizing it too much? Anyway, here's the latest round of food photography favorites with a healthy dose of holiday spirit!

P.S. - In case you missed it, I've now added photos to my Champagne Brownies post =D. But I have to warn you...these babies are dangerously addictive. Who knew dark chocolate and champagne would make such a great pair?

Beets Photograph from Wrightfood
1 Wrightfood-Beets Ingred
Shrimp Soba Rolls from Kitchen M
2 KitchenM-Shrimp Soba Noodle Rolls Idea
Plum Clafoutis Bars from Delicious Magazine
3 Deliciousmag-Plum Clafoutis Bars Idea
Sweet Potato Gratin and Stuffed Acorn Squash Photographs from Johnny Miller
5 Johnny Miller-Sweet Potato Gratin Casserole Acorn Squash Stuffed I</div><div style=
4 Purlbee-Felt Xmas Tree Ornaments Idea
Assorted French Macarons Photograph from Martha Stewart
6 Martha Stewart-Assorted Macarons Idea
Snowflake Cookie Ornaments from Carnets Parisiens
7 CarnetsParisiens-Snowflake Cutout Cookies Hanging Ornament Xmas Idea
Pink French Macarons Photograph from Southern Weddings
8 SouthernWeddings-Pink Macarons for Wedding
9 Lesfifoles-Xmas Tree Cutout Powd Sugar Cookies Idea
Wedding Cake from The Wow Factor Cakes
10 Wowfactorcakes-Gumpaste Flowers Wedding Cake Idea
Hasselback Garlic Cheesy Bread from Lauren's Latest
11 LaurensLatest-Hasselback Garlic Cheesy Bread Loaf Idea
Wreath Cookies from Cook Republic
12 CookRepublic-Xmas Cutout Wreath Cookies Idea Box Tin Propwish
Wheatberry Kale Salad from Forest Feast
13 ForestFeast-Wheatberry Kale Salad Grain


  1. Love this round of inspiration. I hope your finals go well!

  2. Gorgeous photos! that felt Christmas ornament is such a cool idea!
    Happy holidays Xiaolu!

  3. Great picks! Who is the fav Scottish actor?, just curious as I'm from over there.

  4. Always look forward to these and love Sneh's wreath cookies :)

  5. These photos are beautiful! No wonder they're your favs :)

  6. What a gorgeous round up of photos - I particularly love the wreath cookies and christmas trees. I'm definitely starting to feel a bit festive :-)

  7. A FUN round up! I am a huge fan of Delicious magazine too!

  8. Your pictures are really good. Even made me get excited about beets (and i'm not even so into them....they just looked so FRESH).

  9. Awesome round up!Always look forward to your Monday Favorites.

  10. Wow what a round up. I loved every one of that pic. Sneh's cookies are my favourite.

  11. What a spectacular assortment of photos. Just looking at them makes me happy!

  12. beautiful finds, xiaolu!!! felt ornament and sweet potato gratin were especially appealing..
    ps - i just never could wrap my head around how santa could reach every single house in the world all in one night. I just thought it was a lot of luggage to carry.

  13. Gorgeous finds Xiaolu! I love seeing what you come up with every week. I think the christmas tree cookies photo would have to be my favourite this week.

  14. Great collections of pictures! Love the macarons pic.

  15. Wow..bringing in the festivity with all such lovely creations, Xiaolu!

  16. Woah that hasselback garlic cheesy bread looks so good!!

  17. I love the wreath cookies, great finds..

  18. There seems to be some snag. I seem to be getting only your blog updates in my reading list; it is not showing the updates from the others blogs I follow. It shows as if you updated 'all' your previous posts a few at the same time.


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