Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Favorites!

Thanks for the sweet comments and messages of concern after last week's post. I can't go into details but wanted to let everyone know that it's nothing we can't handle or get past. Really appreciate the support <3. I'm pretty excited about this week's favorites because I'm lovin' the autumnal feel of many of them. Hope you find something you like, too!

Local Bosc Pears Photograph from Margaret & Joy
1 Margaretandjoy-Pears Metal Stand Knife Ingred Fall Leaves
Bread Photograph from Hey Look
2 HeyLook-Loaf Bread Sliced
Apple Chutney from Marie Melchior
3 Marie Melchior-Apple Chutney, Jam Preserves Butter
Meringue Cookies on Doily Cake Stands available for purchase from BHLDN
4 BHLDN-Meringue Cookies on Stacked Doily Cake Stands
5 SimplyBreakfast-Buckwheat Griddle Cakes with Apples
Gooey Chocolate Beetroot and Ginger Cookies from Shoots, Eats and Leaves
6 Charlotte Tolhurst-Choco Beet Ginger Drop Pecan Hazelnut Nut Cookies
Coffee Maker Photograph from Tassike.ee
8 Tassike.ee-Marju Randmer-Morning Coffee
Killer Garlic Rolls from Foodie Crush
9 FoodieCrush-Garlic Rolls Buns Knots
Armagnac and Grapes Photographs from Un Dejeuner de Soleil
10 Un Dejeuner de Soleil-Armagnac and Grapes
11 The Talking Kitchen-Butternut Squash Ravioli Sage Butter
Black and White Cookies Photograph from Rikki Snyder
12 RikkimsFlickr-Black and White Choco Glazed Cookies Idea
Gingerbread Smoothie from The Healthy Foodie
13 TheHealthyFoodie-Gingerbread Smoothie
14 GloriousTreats-S'mores Decorated Cookies Camping Idea
Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese Photograph from Alessandro Guerani
15 Alessandro Guerani-Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese


  1. Great links and photography as usual!



  2. I lost my first comment :((
    great picks Xiaolu. Everything looks amazing! Already checked those killer garlic rolls, what a great idea to use leftover pizza dough!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you! I'm honored my picture is here amongst all these great artists!

  4. complimenti davvero! delle immagini deliziose! sembra di poterle quasi gustare! un bacio :)

  5. Thank you for this selection. I keep discovering amazing blogs through you.

    Keep them comin'!

  6. I need some beetroot cookies stat! Love these photos. Some people are so talented!

  7. More gorgeous photos Xiaolu. You really have an eye for beautiful photos. I love the first photo of the pears. It's just so beautiful.

  8. I always love these posts, I can never get enough of the beautiful photos.

  9. Beautiful photos - thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I really want a bite of that bread and a sip of that gingerbread smoothie! Fantastic collection of gorgeous food!

  11. I love the pears! and merengue is something i've always been curious to try but never attempted. i really need to get out of my baking comfort zone.

  12. Oh my gosh this weeks picks have me drooling, I think the beetroot cookies and the Bosc pear photos are my favorite

  13. I always love your picks. I must admit, the gingerbread smoothie looks exceptional.

  14. Thanks for sharing these great pics :)

  15. Oooo, I am swooning over the garlic rolls and butternut squash ravioli! :)

  16. Wow... what great photography!
    very inspiring. thx for sharing!

  17. Amazing photos! I've been following your blog for a while and I love your work. It would be a pleasure to se my cupcakes featured on your blog!

  18. Beautiful picks as always. I'm trying to learn "layering" in food styling...it's been quite challenging. I hope looking at gorgeous photos will help me achieve some of my goals. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  19. Thank you for including my killer garlic rolls in your roundup, everything is GORG! So inspiring. XOXO

  20. I love the bread photograph from Hey Look!

  21. I wonder why it is that "griddle cakes" sounds so much more enticing to me than "pancakes"? :P Beautiful photos and posts; thank you for sharing! I feel lighter after looking at these.


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