Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Favorites

This week only I'm adding somethin' extra to my favorites post. As those of you who follow my Twitter may have noticed already, I've recently discovered (and become a wee bit infatuated with...or at least that's what my bf keeps insisting =p) the incredible actor, Michael Fassbender, of Hunger, Fish Tank, Inglorious Basterds, Jane Eyre (as Rochester), and X-Men: First Class (as Magneto) fame. Having seen him in just a handful of movies, I can already tell that he'll be one of the top actors of our generation and hopefully making movies for a long, long time. Michael has already shown himself to be a rare chameleon who disappears into whichever character he's playing at the moment. But whether he's a metal-bending mutant or an IRA volunteer on hunger strike in prison, his performances rivet you from start to finish. As if that weren't enough reason to fall head over heels, he seems humble, funny, and a real gentleman in real life. And the final kicker...he sings and dances (see below), too! My apologies to my male readers for this post, but to my lady friends...ENJOY ^_____^!

Cherry Tomatoes Photographs from James Ransom
1 James Ransom_Food52-Cherry Tomatoes Ingred
Apple Upside-down Cake from Pictures and Pancakes
2 Picturesandpancakes-Rustic Apple Upside-down Cake
Passionfruit with Yogurt from Margaret & Joy
3 Margaretandjoy-Passionfruit Ingred Cream Parfait Metal Molds
Black Plum and Ginger Crumble from Verses from My Kitchen
4 Versesfrommykitchen-Pear Crumble Streusel Crisp Metal Tray Propwish
Apple Tarte Tatin from Foodess
5 Foodess-Apples Ingred Tarte Tatin
Mini Apple Pies from Christelle is Flabbergasting
6 ChristilleisFlabbergasting-Mini Apple Pie, Cookies Idea
7 Joylicious-PB Mousse Choco Caramel Trifle, Parfait Idea
Chocolate Cinnamon Teacakes from What Katie Ate
8 Katiequinndavies-Choco Cinnamon Mini Bundt Cakes
Crispy French Toast from A Little Zaftig
9 ALittleZaftig-Crispy French Toast
Snowman Macarons from Macaron Fetish
10 MacaronFetish-Snowman Shaped Xmas Winter Macarons Idea


  1. Harrumph, yeah I suppose he's kinda cool...;)

  2. lol Foodness Gracious, just make sure he doesn't hear you saying that ;)

  3. Oh, my! Those pics are gorgeous!

  4. OMG love these delicious goodies and gorgeous pics btw Xiaolu loved the tones of What Katie ate pic, can you do a post to help get that effect those dark undertones, would be a new avenue for me.

  5. I love the tomato pic- brilliant!!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Snowman macarons are so cute.

  7. Glad you guys like the pics!

    Sreelu - I like to think that each photographer's processing can be almost as unique to them as what they do in-camera. I actually find most of Katie's post-processing a bit too heavy-handed these days, but I liked this photo as it fit well with the colors of the food. While I can't say for certain what she did (and thus definitely can't do a tutorial on it), I can tell you that she either used reduced light while shooting, made it darker with curves in processing, or both. It also appears that contrast was upped a lot, and she used some sort of filter or translucent layer to make the color more blue/green/gray. Hope that helps!

  8. love the dance video. saw it the other day, for once i'm overlooking the food pics ;-)

  9. Xiaolu I have missed going through so many of your posts (and others:( ).. hope I find some time.. This is simply delicious! Love Joy's photo and that irresistible drip of the syrup on the French Toast.

  10. I love the tomato shot and the snowman marcons look very cute :)

  11. Thanks for the delicious snack preceeding the favorites today. He is yummy. I will say, once you are married, you can't really flirt even, so stuff like this is all we got! :) Your picks are always amazing but the french toast got me today. (Your pics are also always amazing.) :)

  12. Hi there!
    I very much enjoyed the photos and choices of dishes. You have a great taste! =D

  13. Hey, no wonder yo have a crush on Michael Fassbender, I dod too when I saw him dancing in the video you posted: yes please!

  14. Those snowman macarons are so precious!! I'm not really familiar with Michael Fassbender but love a man who can dance. :)

  15. Hi Sreelu

    I don't actually do much post to any of my photos. I simply shoot in a natural, confined side lighting and play around a little with some of the basic features in lightroom. Then adjust curves sometimes in photoshop to add a slightly bluer tinge to the shots. I don't make any of my shots darker nor do I ever touch the contrast in photoshop - hate that tool! Hope this helps :)

  16. I am always amazed how you pick all these great choices! Is it hard? It must be... I first don't know where to find them, and second I can't narrow it down to a short list. =P Thank you for doing this so we can enjoy them!


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