Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Favorites!

I'm literally just back in town from a fun weekend in NYC catching up with old and new friends. Thanks C, J, W, L, and Joanne for making this a weekend to remember! Before we get to this week's favorite food photos, I just want to quickly share that a food photo of my own (last year's bloody rat cupcakes) has been published by the Danish magazine BoligLiv, both online and in print! I was especially awed when I got my complimentary hard copy and saw the gorgeous food photos published in the same issue as my photo (including the first photo below). On top of that, I'm bursting with joy to announce another big milestone for 6 Bittersweets: the number of you subscribing to this blog has now surpassed 2,000! Thanks, as always, from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn't have accomplished any of this without your incredible support and kindness!

N1 Boligliv-Cheese and Toast Bread with Cherry, Cranberry Compote
Laduree French Macarons Photograph from Licking the Plate
N2 Mwhammer-Laduree Macarons
Fried Okra from Dine & Dish
N3 DineandDish-Fried Okra Muslin Cloth
Marshmallow S'more Pops by One Stone Events via Hostess with the Mostess
N4 OneStoneEvents-Marshmallow S'mores Lollipops
Brush Embroidery Flower Cake Pops from The Cake Poppery
N6 Cupcakestakethecake-Brush Embroidery Cake Lollipops Idea
Wedding Cake with Lace Pattern, Fabric-look Ruching, and Buttons by Amy Beck Cake Design via Elizabeth Anne Designs
N5 ProjectWedding-Draping Lace Button Fondant Wedding Cake Idea
Chicken Salad Wrap from La Petite Cuisine
N7 LaPetiteCuisine-Chicken Salad Lettuce Roll Wrap Twine Pewter Knife
N8 Cintamani-Spring Peas Green Pureed Soup
N9 IslandMenu-Lamb Potato Peas Stew Bread Loaf Dark
Strawberry Cream Shortbread Cookies from Il Cavoletto Di Bruxelles
N11 Sigrid Verbert-Strawberry Cream Shortbread Cutout Cookies
Pirate Ship Fondant Cupcake Toppers by Lynlee's Petite Cakes via Pure Joy Events
N12 LynleesPetiteCakes-Pirate Ship Treasure Map Cupcake Fondant Toppers Party Kid Idea
Apple Zucchini Bread from Citrus and Candy
N13 CitrusandCandy-Apple Zucchini Quickbread Loaf Slice Honeycomb Butter
N14 Papercrave-Owl Treat Boxes Halloween Idea


  1. Another gorgeous roundup!

    Congrats! That is awesome. A lovely click.



  2. Congrats on the achievements!Awesome collection of inspiring pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Xiaolu: Can you share the URL for Cintamani's blog. I couldn't get to her blog through the flicker photos. Her pics were stunning, would love to check her space.

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Vijitha, I don't think Cintamani has a blog. I think she simply photographs food without posting recipes. I think the link on her Flickr profile is related to her profession and not meant to be a blog site. But she seems very nice, and I'm sure she'd be happy to answer on Flickr if you are ever curious about a recipe.

  5. Wow, congrats my dear! Would you scan in the magazine site so we could all see it?

  6. the smores pops picture jumps out at me the most! and i forgot to thank u for including me in your previous favourites entry! thanks much! (: (: (:

  7. Beautiful selection! Thanks Xiaolu. =)

  8. Congrats Xiaolu on getting your photo published! And thank you so much for including me in this round up especially with all these other beautiful photos (I'm so in love with those owl boxes!).

  9. Xiaolu, you rock girl. Congrats on being featured and on the incredible number of subscriptions--shows how much you are loved. Many many years to your continued success and happiness sweetheart. I'm a huge fan of Cintamani's food pics and I pick the pea soup pic as my favorite from this lot :)

  10. Xiaolu, you are so deserving of being in print! Congrats girl!

  11. What a gorgeous collection of posts! This is all makin me very hungry. And it's not even 7am here in NYC.

  12. Congrats to you - such well deserved recognition! Your work is beautiful and you are very deserving of this and so much more!

  13. Congratulations on the mile stone!
    You made great round up again! I live the delicate wedding cake and the cake pops. Have a great week! It is raining a lot around here!

  14. Congrats, Xiaolu ! :) You deserve it.
    I'm always waiting your favorite post.

  15. Congrats on accomplishing so much - and your food picks are so choice! Must. Have. MOAR.

  16. congratulations xiaolu! i always look forward to your posts... they are so beautiful!

  17. Congratulations! :) You always have creative recipes, stunning photography and interesting blog posts and I'm not surprised on your success. Best of all, you're generous in sharing your ideas and tips. I'm truly happy for you. ^^

  18. The lace on that wedding cake is amazing! You find the best stuff.

  19. Oh joy, owls, my favoritest of cute bird friends!

    Despite having a wide array of shortbread cookies under my belt, I've never considered adding strawberries in any form - genius!

    Congrats on the foreign pub that I can't read:)

  20. Thanks again, all!

    And Vera, I could scan it but my scanner quality is not that great unfortunately :-/. It's basically just a bigger version of the online version: http://www.boligliv.dk/Gode-webadresser1/fridage-i-bornehojde/ My photo is pretty cropped and only takes up a small portion of the page haha. But a published image, no less!

  21. Congratulations Xiaolu!!! You deserve it.

    Another gorgeous round up. I love the spring pea soup photo, and that wedding cake is gorgeous!

  22. Congrats on your accomplishment Xiaolu and yay for 2000 subscribers! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing another roundup of beautiful photos! So much to learn from them!

  23. Congrats, Xiaolu on your photo! Looks like I just missed you in NY. I left just before the weekend :)


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