Monday, September 26, 2011

Musical Monday: Frank Turner "I Am Disappeared"

Thanks to my friend Steve-o, I am awash in new albums to explore this week. My favorite so far has been English folk/punk singer-songwriter, Frank Turner. "I Am Disappeared" (video above) is just one captivating tune from his latest album, England Keep My Bones. Hope you like it =D.


  1. I would really like to know your top 5 artists right now. I like your suggestions. I just went to Foster the People and the Erasure concert recently. I have a music bug right now.

  2. Ooo then I should check them out! Haven't heard either of them. Um I've been really into this guy of course, The Dø, Arctic Monkeys, TV on the Radio, The Strokes, Allie Moss :)

  3. I've never heard of this dude. Ever since settling on some musicians I never get sick of, I've been pretty awful at learning about newcomers and picking up fresh stuff. I like this though!

    The Strokes were definitely in my top 5 when they came onto the scene, and through their second album. Staying true to form, I stuck with the first two, got the third, felt unsure about it, and stopped paying attention to what they were up to.

    I feel predictable and old lady-like!! Hah. :)

  4. Don't worry, Emma. I did the same with the Strokes and only just got back into them with this album. I really like it though so you should give it a try =)

  5. I love Frank Turner. Photosynthesis is my favorite song by him.

    I'm always on the lookout for new music.


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