Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bloggers Unite for Africa and Tuesday Favorites!

First of all, I'm excited to announce that I'm joining my lovely friend Jackie, of La Casa de Sweets, in her effort to raise money to help the children of need in Africa. With the current and yet rising popularity of blogs, those of us who author them have a wonderful ability to reach so many people at once with our words. I'm grateful to Jackie for reminding me of this and for encouraging me to do something especially meaningful with that power through Bloggers Unite for Africa. Jackie has done the hard work of speaking to on-the-ground journalists and aid workers to pick organizations that are sure to use the money we raise to save lives. Please join us by donating as little or as much as you want and/or by sharing this link on your site, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thank you!

And now it's back to our regular programming =). I'm here as usual to deliver your weekly dose of food pr0nography photography! Not that I'm complaining, but my brain's still fried from last week's 2-hour long biochemistry lectures (school just started back up). Hence we're skipping the photography exercises this week, and jumping straight to the eye candy. Enjoy, my friends!

Spinach Edamame Lentil Lime Salad from Marie Claire Italy
1 MarieClaire Italy-Spinach Edamame Lentil, Grain Lime Salad Idea
2 Womansday-Ginger Carrot Pureed, Pork Black Bean Soup
*If I ever get married this IS going to be my cake (shhhh...don't tell P) =p
3 Mysweetandsaucy-S'mores Layer Wedding Cake Idea
4 ALittleRelish-Baked Eggs Spinach Prosciutto
5 Stephsus-Peach and Ginger Pecan Cake Idea Fall Knife
Blackened White Fish from Four Foodies
6 Fourfoodies-Blackened Fish Idea
7 Iheartbaking White Chocolate Tiara Cupcake Toppers
Eggs Photograph from Photisserie
8 Photisserie-Eggs Carton Ingred


  1. Great picks! thanks for sharing!

  2. Another roundup chock-ablock-full of amazing links! Thanks.



  3. Really loving that S'mores wedding cake. It looks so cool!

  4. Beautiful food photography. I want those tiara cupcakes for my daughter's birthday next year...SUPER cute!!!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Xiaolu! (and biochem--yikes!)

  6. Xiaolu, the pictures are so pretty...love the all especially the wedding cake.
    Hope you are having a great week :-)

  7. Sheesh I want to get married if only just for that cake! And pronto!

    Geez. What am I saying, every week should be celebrated with a three-tier cake... with some sort of twine-based snake monster placed gently on the top, of course:)

    I enjoyed the looks of that peach cake too. However, I do NOT enjoy the sound of a 2-hr biochem lecture. Good thing I didn't have to make it to o chem, or anything beyond, as an undergrad. I would have been lost in the depths of chemistry, deeper than the deepest depths of a three-tier cake.... and sad, to boot. You enjoy it for me, aight?;)

  8. Love it!!! And yay thanks for picking my tiara cupcakes!!!

  9. What a lovely wedding cake!! I'm in love! Do you know where I can get the recipe?

  10. thank you for doing this serie Xialou, it´s one of the best presented and curated on the blogosphere. Aside, I love it bcs it lifts my spirit and I feel so motivated and inspired by all these talented people.

    Of today´s selection I have a soft spot on the gorgeous and very poetic photography of Photisserie.

  11. love the tiara pic.you mentioned the wedding cake and hoped it would be yours one day. i am tearing up at the thought of you all dolled up in a dress and getting married...and i haven't even met you! Am i creepy? saw your 7 links..commented on some of the referring posts...working on mine now.

  12. Ginnette - unfortunately My Sweet and Saucy is a professional bakery and it's highly unlikely that they'd share their recipe for the wedding cake. My friend Steph of Desserts for Breakfast has however shared a recipe for mini s'mores cakes here that you might be able to adapt: http://www.dessertsforbreakfast.com/2010/08/gimme-smore-cakelettes.html

  13. Another fantastic roundup Xiaolu!!! I LOVE the smores wedding cake. What a brialliant idea!!!

  14. Lovely photos! The first one reminds me of Donna Hay's style :)

  15. Fantastic choices, Xiaolu! I always come here for inspiration and find it. Thank you!

    Also, I'll be sure to pass around the Bloggers Unite link. I'm work in philanthropy and am 100% passionate about causes like this.

  16. Those are some amazing links (as always) and now I want to have that peach cake so bad.and those cute little crowns wld be perfect for my girls, only I will have to order them.. from you?

  17. Am loving this roundup again! And the smores cake looks like an awesome idea ;p

  18. Wow.. beautiful photos and yummy foods again ! I love the photo of Blackened white fish. I love the way light falls on the food. Lovely !

  19. Great cake.

    (BTW, secret is safe with me!)


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