Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Favorites!

Thanks to all my friends who checked on me after hearing about yesterday's earthquake on the East Coast. I was actually still in the air on my way back from Singapore, but all the friends and family I've talked to have been okay. And other than a few things knocked out of place, our apartment was fine as well. If any of you or your friends and family are in the effected areas, I hope everyone is safe and sound. I've heard from some sources that there may be more quakes to come. So I'm trying to brush up on earthquake preparation info on the 'net right now and recommend you do so, too. Here are some tips from FEMA for before and during an earthquake.

On a more chipper note, I am back of course with another weekly helping of favorite food photo/recipe links. I'd like to continue with last week's topic of "reading" photographs to improve our own photography. The analyses in your comments last time were really well-done and helped me see some photos in a new light. I hope even more of you will take the challenge this week to focus your attention on lighting. Please pick one (or more) of the photos below and share your analysis of both the quality and effect of the light present. You'll probably want to ask yourself (1) what direction the light is coming from, (2) whether the light seems hard (strong) or soft (diffused), (3) whether the light is coming from a high or low angle, (4) whether the light is natural or artificial, (5) whether the food is outside or inside (if inside, how far is the subject from the window(s)?), and (6) what type of story or mood the specific lighting creates. A good way to answer most of these is to observe the highlights on the food as well as the shadows around it. Again I wish you Happy "Reading"!

Versesfrommykitchen-Sweet Potato Pureed Brown Butter Goat Ch Soup
Hanging Lightbulb Vases from Free People
Imgfave-Hanging flowers in lightbulbs
Candy Caramel Apples from Snippets of Thyme
SnippetsofThyme-Caramel Apples
MargaretandJoy-Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cones Wire Stand Propwish
What's Gaby Cooking-Matt Armendariz-Mini Eggplants Plate
Cookingtackle-Avocado Pudding Choco
MagpiesRecipes-Bourbon Peach Homemade Ice Cream with Rice Krispies
Bridal Shower Popsicle Bar from Green Wedding Shoes

GreenWeddingShoes-Bridal Shower Popsicle Bar


  1. the pictures with the caramel apples... it appears to be lit from the back left, inside with the window somewhat far... maybe 6 or 7 feet away. It seems like hard natural light from a high angle...
    I love practicing with these posts, it's challenging and fun!

  2. A gorgeous choice! As usual, thanks for sharing those links with us.



  3. I love these pictures and your help with food photography has been amazing! I'm improving everyday!

  4. first of all, thank you xiaolu for adding my avocado pudding photo to your Favorite Wednesday. its honor to be selected and thankful to be analyzed

    i would like to pick the baby eggplant on the gorgeous ceramic bowl, i just love all it looks, the softness image, the elegant color and contrast of the deep purple egg plant they are truly matched and literally communicating each other.

    i keep staring at it over and over again, even it looks more real with the natural illuminate lighting on the plate at the below rim as if not mistaken it was back lit source of lighting.
    * please do correct me if my assumptions of lighting might be wrong :)

    it is fun to be here and sharing some of my reflections in both food photography and styling.

    keep rockin xiaolu! :))

  5. Avocado pudding... that's.. different I have no idea what it might taste like :o
    Since I find avocado pretty blank but having this recipe saved in my server :)


  6. lovely pick. That light bulb vase is so amazing!

  7. The bourbon ice cream light seems to be behind it casting shadows to the front of the dish and it looks like natural light. Great post as lighting is always a huge make or break thing when I'm blogging

  8. Ohmygosh!! I just fell off my chair! What an awesome surprise seeing my ice cream amongst all these gorgeous pics XL! You just made my YEAR!

  9. Oh and Foodness Gracious ( love that name btw!) you are totally right. Was taken with the window behind. Didn't diffuse the light hence the hard shadows. Shot it underexposed for a moody feel:)

  10. Great photos! Love the one from Margaret & Joy

  11. so happy for you that your family is ok! it's such a coincedence cuz my friend and i today were just talking bout natural disasters and how they have been occurring so frequently this year. i live in vancouver and we've been expecting something for over a decade, it makes me nervous =/

  12. The strawberry shortcake ice cream sure sounds amazing! The caramel apples are beautiful. Thanks for sharing:)

  13. How odd that we experienced an earthquake! I was one of thefolks in New England who did not even feel it ... and my house has no strange cracks or tilts, so I count myself lucky! As for your favorites, love the soup and the beautiful ceramic bowl from Fifty One and a Half!

    Welcome home to the States!

  14. Hey girl welcome back!! SO happy you met Rachel!! Love this Wendsday installment!! & yay you missed the eartquake!! :)

  15. Hi xiaolu! How are things shakin? Okay..bad joke. No really I am glad you are okay. I don't want natural disasters getting in the way of your wonderful creations or finds. I love your wednesday faves. I esp. love the lightbulb idea. so cool - i will try it this fall. Miss talking to you and tweeting with you the last few weeks! - (can't login for some reason!)

  16. I always admire what you've found on your friends' blog. The photos look absolutely wonderful !
    I love the avocado pudding with different shape and height from the glasses. I also love the photo from Verses from my kitchen.

  17. Xiaolu, thanks for sharing another great post. Absolutely beautiful!

  18. Happy to hear you weren't too affected by the earthquake! I love those lightbulb flower vases.


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