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Guest Post: Baked Potato Wedges with Chat Masala

Greetings from Singapore! I'm having a great time here, of which you'll see photographic evidence of soon enough 8). And also while I am here, I'm continuing to be amazed at the incredible people I've been lucky enough to connect with through the blogging world. Both in Singapore and all across the world. Today I'm excited to continue the series of posts from honored guests with a special dish from Kulsum of Journey Kitchen.

You may remember Kulsum from my own guest post on her site back in June. While she was busy focusing on final exams (as any good student would ^_^), I was happy to step in with some sweet and tangy rhubarb and raspberry curd French macarons. Despite being incredibly busy still herself, Kulsum was generous enough to drop by with these absolutely mouthwatering roasted potatoes with an Indian twist. Please be sure to stop by her blog for other temptations including cheesecake brownie ice cream and lentil-stuffed samosas!

Journeykitchen Guest Post 1
I’m not only a fan of Xiaolu's fabulous blog but also fan of the person she is. I'm yet to "meet" a blogger as honest, friendly and kind spirited as her. So you can imagine how great it feels to be guest posting on 6 Bittersweets. Thank you Xiaolu!

You might already know that Indians eat their food with hands instead of fancy cutlery. Eating food with hands might be looked down upon in some cultures, but to me, there is nothing more satisfying than rolling up homemade Indian chapati and dipping it into spicy curry with bare hands. Or eating soft, white basmati rice covered in gravy and licking off every last bit of grain.

Journeykitchen Guest Post 2
Maybe it's being Indian, that my favorite food group is finger foods. Food that can be just picked with hands conjures up scenes of snack times with my sisters and family, sitting in a circle talking about our day at school, giggling away on little random happenings of the day and going over the options for dinner.

I served these chat masala spiced potato wedges with kebab sliders with coriander mint mayo. But I have made them twice ever since just on their own as finger food. They are addictive, lightly spicy and a burst of flavors in every bite.

Journeykitchen Guest Post 3
Chat masala is a tangy Indian spice mix extensively used for snacks, fruits, yogurt, and drinks and sometimes in curries. It's not only used as a flavoring but also used to garnish or add finishing touches to dishes. Apart from spices like cardamom, red chilies, black pepper and cloves, what makes this spice mix stand apart is the use of black salt (Kala namak) and dry mango powder (aamchur powder). The black salt has a characteristically pungent smell and taste which adds a unique depth of flavor whereas the dry mango powder gives it an acidic and tart flavor.

Journeykitchen Guest Post 4
The salty, tangy, hot and sour characteristics of this spice mix provide a melody of flavors in each bite, leaving a tingling effect on your tongue. The finely chopped coriander leaves perk up and add a refreshing bite to these wedges. Besides, there is something about green herbs on your food, that just screams eat me!

Journeykitchen Guest Post 5
Baked Potato Wedges with Chat Masala [Printable Recipe]
Serves 2-3

1/2 kg (about 2 lb. 3 oz.) potatoes
2 Tbsp chat masala*
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp coriander (cilantro) leaves, very finely chopped
Salt to taste


*/ Chat masala is mildly hot to if you can’t take the heat reduce to 1 tbsp.
** If you like your potato wedges to be much thicker then par boil them in boiling water for 5 minutes before proceeding with the recipe.


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C (390 degrees F).

Wash and peel (if you have a fussy eater who won’t eat the skin of course) the potatoes and cut them into wedges and place in a bowl.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the oil, salt and chat masala.

Add the oil mixture to the potatoes and mix well.

If you have time let the potatoes sit in the spicy oil for half an hour.

Tip the potatoes on a baking tray and bake for 25 -30 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through. Rotate them half way through to get them golden on both sides.

Once out of the oven add the coriander leaves and mix well.

Serve hot with coriander mint mayo.


  1. A Spoonful of YummAugust 21, 2011 at 1:40 PM

    i could eat a whole bowl of this ! yummmmm

  2. A beautiful guest post! Those potato wedges look so scrumptious anf flavorful. A wonderful spice mix.



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  4. I saw the update in FB and immediately guessed it could be Kulsum's . Her styling is so amazing .. totally loving it.

  5. Excellent twist/upgrade to the regular wedges. These sounds pretty addictive!

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  10. i was only just recently introduced to Kulsum through meeta's monthly mingle but so far, I love everything I've seen! These french fries sound divine with that seasoning!

  11. That's a very clever use of chaat masala. I'm sure the potatoes taste great.

  12. xiaolu, i hope you have a great holiday in singapore :)
    i like this kind spicy potato recipe, its very smart idea from kulsum

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  14. Glad you guys are loving Kulsum's dish!

  15. These are great! All words about Kulsum agreed! Love the sour note to the potatoes. Have a wonderful time in Singapore-- one of my favorite places in the world! (mostly because of the food ;))

  16. Ooo, this looks and sounds delicious. Yum....
    Have a great time in Singapore!

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  19. Beautiful photos as usual, Kulsum. That spice mixture sounds so flavorful and I'm certain I would want a plateful of these potato wedges to myself.

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  21. Another quality guest post!
    Thank you, Kulsum, for sharing this baked potato recipe.

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  24. Thank you everyone for all your kind words and comments :-)

    @ T and Tea cake Indian food can be altered to one's liking and can be non spicy as well. Its really a misnomer that its always hot and spicy. Trust me :-)

  25. Yumm I love roasted potato wedges! Love the sound of this version with the chat masala and coriander.

  26. I love the idea of making seasoning blend. I made some about a month ago and I really do use it, I am out of it and ready to make some more. Thanks all for the great idea.
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