Friday, July 17, 2009


UPDATE: I've gotten control of my account back, but still have no idea how they got in.

I'm SO ANGRY!! Some stupid low-life hacked into my Facebook account tonight and started asking my friends for money, pretending that I was stuck overseas. Now I know there's been things like that going around for a while, but my friend tells me that those were mostly automated emails. This hacker was actually messaging my friends in real time and seemed to know some personal information about me based on the conversations. Thankfully my friends are all very smart, figured it out, and even tried to warn others off. I can't even log in, so I've done all I could do (which is just to report to Facebook that my account's been hacked...).

Beyond the frustrations of this specific situation, tonight is also a long overdue reminder of just how much sensitive personal information most of us have on the internet (and which is probably incredibly easy to obtain for those with no morals who are so inclined). What's scary is that I have no idea what other information this hacker may have about me. For whatever good it may do me, I've started changing my passwords for all sorts of accounts, starting with the important ones. We'll have to see if my Facebook account even survives this episode. I'd definitely much rather disappear off Facebook than to put my friends at risk.

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