Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Though your face be silly, I truly miss thee...

One more more month...repeat.

Baked banana bread today. I *used* a recipe for "Very Moist Banana Nut Bread" from Recipezaar's website, but altered the frak out of it (pardon my BsG =p) as usual. So the top of the quickbread browned a bit more than I'd have liked, but I guess some may find it gives the crust a nice bite. I know my food usually ends up tasting pretty good but is it wrong to want it to look slightly less rustic? I guess I can't take such liberties with ingredients and instructions while still expecting the same results.

That reminds me. I got a pleasant surprise a few days ago when a partner in the law firm where I work practically hunted me down to compliment my baking ^_^. Between weekend overtime, not getting Veteran's Day off, the dreary weather, and getting off on the wrong foot with a new attorney...let's just say the kind words came at an opportune time.

In terms of social life, a recent highlight was going out to Eyebar on Friday night. I met up with Maureen to celebrate her finally taking the actuary exam. It turned out to be a joint birthday bash, and I knew several of the people. Going out hasn't changed much. Still gotta deal with a lot of drunk and/or sketchy people, but overall it was fun =). There's a void in my life from absence of dancing though...this coming weekend with JJ and Nilam will hopefully remedy that!

Unfortunately one of the Decemberists is seriously ill, so they canceled the entire tour. I was disappointed to hear that, but it's much more important that he/she takes it easy in order to make a speedy recovery. There was still Bright Eyes on Sunday. Conor was surprisingly upbeat. I'm sure his recent work is just as pleasurable without hearing his earlier songs, but it really moved me to realize how much he and his music have matured. Great show indeed.

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