Friday, October 19, 2007


I finally bought myself an Ipod. It's a silver...holds 4 GB. So apparently it's a brand new model. Too new actually in the sense that I can't even find a case for it =(. I'm quite pleased with the engraving though =D.

Cookie for you if you ID the song...which reminds me...I've been really into Elliott Smith's music again starting about a week ago. Nothing really reminded me to do it, I was just hit with a need to hear Either/Or out of the blue and it only grew from there. I Googled him a few days later only to find out that Sunday marks the 4th anniversary of his death. Man what a coincidence. Rest in peace, Elliott. I really wish you were still around but remain grateful for all the gorgeous pieces that remain.

Finally, after 2 postponements, I baked Richard's belated birfday cake (boston cream pie) plus the pineapple upside-down cake I promised Breeanna from work. Pass the frack out in bed now...

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